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It takes equal to or more then 5 years to complete ca which includes passing three levels of examinations, CPT, IPCC and the FINAL EXAM including three years of articled training. Passing this examination in one go.

yes!!! ONE SHOT, ONE KILL!!!

This is the minimum time you need to complete CA, maximum time is a function of your talent ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you know what I mean!!!!

check out the numbers online โ€“ passing percentage of CA final exam.

Comp Engg

It is lot lot simple to clear 8 semesters then passing a CA Final.

So 4 years and you are through.


After a rigours course of almost 5 years all the high fliers CA get a decent annual package to start with and also it is very easy to find a job.

Why I am saying it is easy cause our counterpart finds it difficult to get a satisfying job after 4 years.

Yes , unless you have done comp engg from decent enough state college you might find it difficult to get a satisfying job.(excluding IITs,NITs,and other state level colleges).

Money wise there are two cases possible .

CA at the age of 24 earning 8 โ€“ 9 Lac per annum (I guess this is the best case ) โ€“ Comp Engg earning 4 โ€“ 5 lac at the age of 23(worst case).
CA at the age of 24 earning 8 โ€“ 9 lac per annum (Again best case ) โ€“ Comp Engg earning anything above >10 lac at the age of 23(Best case).
For CA earnings remain almost similiar at the start of their career where as earning varies drastically for an engg.

In this scenario a game changing factor is AGE. which remains constant for Comp guys but CA as I said earlier it depends on their talent.


very subjective, what ever I say here we will find an exception so I will just add few observations here.

CA was and is very high profile course to pursue in India but I feel in this modern era it lacks one thing. WISDOM!

Lets take an example where a person takes 7 years to complete CA and he is finally happy and earning decent enough money but he had a friend who was studying comp engg. Suddenly when they met after 7 years CA friend was not happy!!!

Reason was his comp friend did complete Engg in 4 years and then he did MS from USA and now earning 5 to 6 folds then him.MS can be replaced with MBA from top notch B- School or even in many cases CFA!!!!

Yeah Thats the new craze enggโ€™s have now a days to do CFA!!

This is where CA course might take toll of you and you never ever plan to do higher studies.

So what is the result????? hmmm….

Lets try to solve this mathematically.

To get better results from CA Course risk is very high and it is certainly more then getting good State College or even for that matter NITs. One other factor behind high risk game is many times people who deserve to pass through, they don cause of ICWA passing percentages. They ensure not many people pass to maintain quality and which is perfectly superfine.

So now question is which risk to take?

It is easier now to answer this question. Go and meet 2 CAs and 2 Enggs. Ask them what sorts of job they are doing, what are their career goals etc and you will understand in which puzzle you see yourself fitting in.