1. Any Loans - Home, Personal, Vehicle etc

This calculator will helps you in Calculating EMI Payable,  loan eligible for your monthly repayment capacity (i.e) Reverse EMI and no. of years it will take to repay your loan for your desired monthly capacity of payment where as interest rate is fixed by lending organization as per your creditscore

2. How much percentage / return in this product -IRR/XIRR/CAGR Calculator

These calculators will help you in identifying % (percentage) of return you will get from different financial products and also helps you to compute return generated on your investment XIRR & CAGR for financial assets like shares, Mutual funds, Insurance etc..


this is suitable for financial products like mutual funds, shares etc. whose value is derived based on underlying assets (eg: no. of units * market price )


for other financial products such as insurance, chit funds or (eg: give 1,00,000 today after 5 years every year you will get 10,000 or pay 10,000 for 5 years after 10th year you will get 1,00,000/-) for these kind of offers use option-2 calculator

Mutual fund calculator

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